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Care hair and body in seboregulateur, antiregraissant effects and soothing

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Clinically tested, ALPHACEDRE significantly improves the condition of the hair greasy with scalps imbalances and itching. the Asebiol, active seboregulateur, composed mainly of sulphur-containing peptides, amino acids and vitamins of Group B, regulates Sebaceous secretion, soothes itching of the scalp and restructures the stem capillary. essential oil of cedar, active on the microorganisms antiseptic agent cleanses the scalp without attacking. the alpha regulation of cellular renewal and a reducing effect on sebaceous glands normalize the skin State.


ALPHACEDRE eliminates excess sebum and retards the regreasing of hair, thereby reducing the frequency of use of shampoo specific oily hair.

operating tips

Well tolerated, ALPHACEDRE can be used several times a week. Gently massage the scalp without irritate him, let stand a few minutes and complete the rinse in lukewarm water in order to optimize the effects of shampoo in Sebaceous secretion regulating.



Number of reviews : 10
Average rating : 4.6 /5
D. Dominique
  the 04/04/2018
4/ 5
je connais ce produit depuis très longtemps car j'ai les cheveux qui graissent très vite. Donc je le recommande les yeux fermés. Il permet de réguler l'excès de sébum.
L. Isabelle
  the 04/12/2016
5/ 5
T. Emmanuel
  the 11/11/2016
5/ 5
Conforme à la description et très efficace sur mes cheveux très gras.
C. Florin Alexandru
  the 09/09/2016
5/ 5
rien à ajouter
V. Lorant
  the 29/01/2016
5/ 5
C'était le produit que je voulez.