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Item Alphacade PSO Shampoo 200ml

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SKU 7106569 item Alphacade PSO Shampoo 200 ml


The triple combined action of ALPHACADE ensures hygiene of choice for squamous cell States.

  • salicylic acid, Keratolytic agent, associated with essential oils of cedar and cade, limits the formation of dander and doucit the skin and scalp.
  • the essential oil of cade, antiseptic and reducing assets, replaces advantageously cade oil, especially in children and the baby. It has superior efficacy, tolerance and the odour is pleasant.
  • Alpha, by a moisturizing effect accompanied by a gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells, improve skin condition often dried by the aggressive treatments.


A favourable evolution of the squamous severe States, after regular use of ALPHACADE, is found with improvement in skin and hair appearance. Hair and skin are softer and softer to the touch.

operating tips

ALPHACADE PSO is particularly recommended for the flakiness of the scalp and body. the choice of its assets irritants, moisturizers and appreciable cosmetic qualities (pleasant smell, foaming) allow use under the shower 3-4 times a week or more depending on the advice of your physician.

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