Item Alpha 3 Shampoo 200ml

shampoo for dry hair coarse and attacked triple action: fortifying, Detangling and anti-static.

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SKU: 7189319 item Alpha 3 Shampoo 200 ml


The triple combined action of ALPHA 3 allows, in a single gesture, hygiene and care of all the hair dry, scratchy and attacked :

  • guar gum gives ALPHA 3 the qualities of a conditioner, thus the Detangling and styling are facilitated. By its effect bodyforming and protective, hair is smoother, thicker, without losing their lustre.
  • enriched a vitamin complex and fruit acids, ALPHA 3 is a real care that strengthens the hair for a better protection against external aggressions.
  • the lippoproteines of oats, antistatic effect and protector (affinity with keratin), in a non-detergent cleansing base, clean hair gently.


The hair becomes shiny, silky, with a visible volumizing effect without losing lightness.

operating tips

Particularly recommended for fine hair, long, broken tips, curly hair, dry and brittle hair, hair permed or bleached, ALPHA 3 is the single for 3 essential actions: it washes, detangles and strengthens hair. share its properties, ALPHA 3 leaves a protective stem. capillary film slightly fragrant, the softness of its formula allows an everyday hair strong and shiny in particular the summer after a bath of sea or the pool.