Item Afable Shampoo 200ml

Treatment restorative and activator, it is particularly recommended for lifeless hair and scalps anaemic

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SKU: 7380879 item shampoo Lieziel 200 ml


Complement or relay of care fall shampoo fortifying AFABLE ensures a healthy choice for hair thin and lifeless with weakened scalp or anemic. the organic sicilium restores cellular exchanges and reboots the synthesis of collagen and elastin on the germination zone of the hair. lipoproteins of oats, mild cleaning agents and remedial assets , create affinity with keratin, a film has, that maintains the integrity of the hair and revitalizes. the alpha by action on cell renewal, stimulates and improves oxygenation of scalp.


A healthier scalp, more flexible, more tonic and shinier hair restore size and spring across the hair.


Shampoo fortifying AFABLE is particularly recommended for hair and scalps that require specific care that before a more severe hair loss is instale or in addition to hygiene of the lotion fall AFABLE. Its soft cleansing base allows use daily if necessary. To optimize the effects of shampoo, let stand a few minutes before rinsing.