Isostar Reload After Sport chocolate 450g

Reload After Sport chocolate is an Isostar beverage that helps reduce fatigue in muscle recovery for the athlete.

Manufacturer: Isostar

SKU: 8112092 Isostar Reload After Sport chocolate 450 g

Isostar is an expert in sports nutrition, Isostar specialists have designed a range of product formulated to meet the needs of the athletes.


Reload After Sport Isostar is taste of chocolate. This drink has been designed to maximize muscle recovery.

indications Isostar Reload After Sport:

The recovery drink Isostar Reload has been designed to optimize the recovery phase of the sportsmen and especially for endurance sports. Rich in protein (20%) that contribute to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass. Carbohydrate intake promotes energy recharging with the replenishment of the reserves of glycogen in the body and its content in sodium to compensate sweat losses during exercise.

This product is also source from:

  • vitamin B1, PP and B 6 contribute to a normal energy metabolism.
  • C, E and B2 vitamins help protect cells against oxidative stress.
  • calcium and magnesium contribute to normal muscle function.
  • vitamin B6 contributes to the normal metabolism of protein and glycogen.

Its practical preparation and chocolate fragrance make ideal ally to retrieve pleasantly and efficiently.

operating tips:

Take Reload After Sport the first 1/4 of an hour after the end of the effort.