Isostar Fast hydration Cola 10 tablets

Fast hydration allows to optimize physical performance during an endurance effort.
Manufacturer: Isostar
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SKU: 8112098 Isostar Fast hydration Cola 10 tablets

Isostar is the sports nutrition expert. It offers developed products developed by nutritional specialists. Their dietary supplements adapts to your needs: mass, drying, muscle maintenance, performance optimization.



Isostar Fast hydration a tablet that lets you manage the hydration of the body during exertion. It also allows an optimization of physical performance. It also helps better muscle recovery.

Fast hydration of Isostar is especially recommended during a race on foot. Effervescent tablets Powertabs are specially adapted to the efforts of endurance through a dosage suitable carbohydrate, energy (87 kcal/serving) and micronutrient.

This isotonic drink provides hydration strengthened thanks to its composition in carbohydrates and electrolytes. It is also rich in vitamins C and E, B1 and Calcium and Magnesium:

  • vitamin B1 contributes to a normal energy metabolism.
  • vitamins C and E help protect cells from oxidative stress.
  • vitamin C helps to reduce fatigue.
  • calcium and magnesium helps a normal muscle function.

This drink is sparkling.

operating Isostar Fast hydration tips:

During the warm-up (150 ml all the 1/4 hour) and regularly during and after the effort, up to 2 hours after exercise. for preparation of a portion: dissolve 2 tablets in 500 ml of water.