Isostar Energy Cake chocolate 8x50g

Isostar Energy Cake chocolate brings you all the necessary nutrients before an endurance effort.

Manufacturer: Isostar

SKU: 8106982 Isostar Energy Cake chocolate 8x50g

Isostar is the sports nutrition expert. It offers developed products developed by nutritional specialists. Their dietary supplements adapts to your needs: mass, drying, muscle maintenance, performance optimization.


During a competition or intensive training, the body needs a lot of energy to maintain the effort. Before a race on foot or bike, Isostar advises the Energy Cake chocolate.

Isostar Energy Cake maintaining your level of performance through energy intake extended.

It is manufactured to basis of isomaltulose, a carbohydrate compound that consists of a blend of fructose and glucose, which permitted a gradual absorption and therefore a prolonged energy intake. It is ideal during an endurance effort.

It is rich in vitamin B1, Calcium and Magnesium to optimize the use of your muscles. finally the energy Cake is a good taste of chocolate and contains nuggets of chocolate for a fun break ensured.

Tips for using Isostar Energy Cake chocolate:

It is recommended to take energy Cake 3 hours before the effort for optimum performance of your perforamances.


  • Energy intakes extended
  • eat pre-exercise
  • rich in vitamin B1, Calcium, and Magnesium
  • chocolate chip