Isdin FotoUltra Age Repair Fluid SPF50 + 50ml

Fluid to prevent photoaging
Manufacturer: ISDIN


SKU 8160921 Isdin Fotoultra Age Repair Fluid Spf50+ 50Ml


Fluid ISDIN repair FotoUltra Age helps to repair and prevent photoaging.

80% of the vieillssement of the skin is due to damage from the Sun having effects on cellular DNA and collagen destruction.

These signs are known as premature photoaging.

It helps to prevent the damage of the Sun through the very high protection SPF 50 + (UVA 32) it contributes to the repair of DNA.

It helps repair cellular level.

Its content photolyase locates the damage and repairs.

Reverses the signs of photoaging.

It improves the appearance of the skin by helping to stimulate own synthesis.

directions for use:

Apply the fluid through a soft on the face and neck twice a day massage


Tube of 50ml.

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