Intimy Gel lubricant flower cotton 70ml

gel lubricant that respects the sensitive mucous membranes.
Manufacturer: Intimy
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SKU 2096539 Intimy flower cotton Gel lubricant 70 ml


Lubricants to make easy uncomfortable penetrations. They thus make more intimate moments. The lubricant is recommended during anal penetration, the use of sex toys or vaginal droughts. In addition, the lubricant is perfectly compatible with condoms.

Intimy laboratories have developed cotton flower, lubricating gel that moisturizes and respects the sensitive mucous membranes. It causes a soft feeling during intercourse. Thus, it improves the comfort of the couple without damaging mucous membranes.

Thanks to its extracted from cotton pH balanced, the cotton flower lubricant moisturizes and protects intimate flora.

Cotton flower is colorless, painless and not fatty. It is compatible with condoms.

While being protected, the 2 partners share pleasant intercourse.

Intimy cotton flower operating tips:

Remove the. Press the tube to obtain the amount of gel desired, a small amount of gel is ideal. Apply the gel prior to penetration on the intimate areas of the 2 partners. Renew the application as often as necessary.


Keep the lubricant in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and at room temperature. Avoid contact with eyes.

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