Intimy Gel 70ml intimate lubricant

Intimate lubricant designed to improve sexual couple comfort
Manufacturer: Intimy


SKU 2096535 Intimy Mercurochrome Gel 70 ml intimate lubricant

Lubricant for sexual comfort of the couple
It allows to overcome the insufficiency of natural secretions in women by facilitating the mucosa. vaginal lubrication
Gel hypoallergenic.

operating instructions:
before intercourse, apply the equivalent of a DAB of gel to the entrance of the vagina and penis.
odorless and non-fatty , this product is soluble in water and does stain not.

Precautions for use:
vaseline should not be used at the same time as a condom because it weakens latex. On the other hand, this lubricant can be used with condoms.
avoid contact with eyes.

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