Interprox more conical (blue)

Head angled for easy access (ISO 4). gap teeth 1, 3-1, 5 mm
Manufacturer: Interprox
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SKU 9723993 Interprox more conical (blue)
new brushes INTERPROX PLUS allow efficient removal of dental plaque, spaces between the teeth, but also between the elements of orthodontic appliances, around implants and fixed prostheses, in the case of diastemas and furcation

They are available in 5 models

Super micro




head angled for easy access to the interdental spaces and their cleaning
control perfect position brush
Handle long
longest life
High efficiency

protective cap for use in an outpatient setting for each brush.

white Tynex Filaments to report possible bleeding.
Black Tynex Filaments to reveal the bacterial plaque.

metal stainless steel rod and covered with plastic. Does not damage the implants and does no sensitivity.

Presentation: 6 brush head Blister.

do not forget...
it is also possible to use wire or dental tape Vitis eliminates plaque, if there is not enough space between the teeth.
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