Insect screen soaking fabric 100ml

Impregnate clothing, curtains, fabrics tents or nets

Manufacturer: Insect Ecran

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SKU: 7811948 insect screen soaking fabric 100 ml

Insect screen garment soak is an insecticide product to impregnate clothing, curtains, fabrics tents or nets. It has been designed to protect the family bites through the clothes and make barrier to mosquitos (mosquito net, curtains...).

In fact, 40% of bites are through the vetements1, and depending on the region, it is recommended and even essential to protect themselves.


Insect screen garment soak is formulated (dosed at 8%), permethrin-based insecticide assets recognized as effective against all species of mosquitoes (anopheles, aedes, culex), which may be vectors of serious diseases.

Insect screen garment soak also effectively repels wasps, ticks, chiggers, flies, bedbugs and fleas.

Am J too Med Hyg 1984; 33: 725-730


Insect screen garment soak follows the recommendations of health and experts in parasitologie.2 authorities

the formula has been specifically designed to suit all: adults, children, infants as early as 24 months, pregnant and lactating women.

Protection from bites through clothing is obviously not sufficient. We must protect also all areas not covered by clothing. To learn which Insect screen for skin product use, make you on the world map to select your destination.

Easy to use

shake before use and then dilute the vial in water in a basin, by following the instructions on the back of the bottle. Dive clothing, fabrics or screen in the basin until total impregnation.

Treat fabrics into one time, 24 h before use so that they are dry and odor-free. Let them conveniently flat to dry. Do not dry them in a dryer. Your clothes or fabrics will remain repellents up to 2 months, even after wash cycle at 40 C with laundry and ironing.