Insect screen skin Spray infested areas 100ml

Repellent skin reference, hands and face.
Manufacturer: Insect Ecran


SKU 8153720 Insect screen skin Spray infested areas 100 m


Repellent skin reference, hands and face.
can be used from age 10.

Insect screen skin applies on the hands and the face of way:

  • generous, the natural tendency of surviving,
  • homogeneous, because the effectiveness of a repellent skin is limited to 4 cm and a simple application on the cheek not protect not the nose,
  • selective, avoiding contact with the eyes and lips,

repeated five-hour or even every two hours if the temperature is above 30 C.

count about a bottle or tube for 2 weeks at the rate of two applications per day. This product is used in areas or it y to an epidemic of chikungunya

operating tips:

spray in the Palm of the hand and then spread every two hours to discovered the child's skin: face (avoiding eyes and lips), ears, neck and hands.
it is recommended to combine lnsect screen impregnated mosquito and Insect screen spray clothing or lnsect concentrated screen soak fabrics (from 3 years).
it is contraindicated in the 1st trimester of pregnancy.
avoid contact with plastics, glasses and watch glasses.


  • Aqua manopropyleneglycol, ethylhexanediol 50%.
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C. C.S.
  the 28/02/2016
5/ 5
Caused all the dye to rub off my sandals onto my feet!Smells powerful