Insect Ecran Clothes Spray for Ticks and Spiders 200ml

Clothing treatment against ticks and the chiggers.

Manufacturer: Insect Ecran



SKU: 3401560045604 insect screen garment ticks and chiggers 200 ml


Protects the d sting "mites and particularly of the tick vectors of Lyme disease that is present on l ' together of the territory except the Mediterranean border. Permethrin is the product of reference in this indication: 100% of ticks are switched off (d) "State of bite in 15 seconds of contact (J Med Entomol 1986 23: 396-399). knowing that often the tick is seeking several hours a warm place or bite. Ticks are posting on top of herbs and tall grasses. should treat the shoes and socks. pants and shirt by wetting of cuffs. Once dry. clothes are odorless and remain repellent 1 month. Only 2 washes at 40 C and Reexaminations are possible. A bottle to treat for example 10 pairs of socks and 6 pants. Shake before use. For subjects with legs and bare arms. l 'association d' Insect screen skin adult is required. Keep out the reach of children. Use from 2 years.


Active ingredient: PERMETHRIN 4% 200 ML SPRAY