Insect screen clothing repellent Spray 100ml

Spray repellent clothing against gnats, mosquitoes, bugs, wasps, lice, fleas.

Manufacturer: Insect Ecran

SKU: 7213213 Insect screen clothing repellent Spray 100ml

operating tips:

Treat once outside of three long sleeve shirts and a pants hanging from a clothes hanger. Shake the bottle and then apply approximately 20 cm the number of sprays on the front of clothing: 5 per leg. amount up to the belt. 8 per shirt body. 3 per round. stretched horizontally. Repeat the operation on the back of the clothing. Spray the rest of the bottle on socks. a hat... Once dry. the clothes are odorless. Protects against insect bites. even after 2 months and 5 wash at 40 C and ironing. It is recommended to involve lnsect spray skin or Insect screen gel face and hands. Keep out the reach of children. Use from 2 years.


Active ingredient: PERMETHRIN 4% spray without gas 100 ml