Innoxa pencil has Blond eyebrows

Innoxa pencil has blond eyebrows
Manufacturer: Innoxa


SKU 9021402 Innoxa pencil has Blond eyebrows


The Blond of INNOXA, eyebrow pencil the pencil that lets you draw, correct and stress even the most sensitive eyebrows and intensify the look in a single step! The Innoxa brand offers cosmetic products made of natural ingredients for the respect of even the most sensitive skin. The pencil is easily applied to let a line net and precise with a natural color. Practical, this pencil has 3 Tips for a very simple application: 1 tip pencil and 1 brush. Colored pencil tip will precisely draw the eyebrow and the fixer pencil tip will smooth and set the color for a long time for a still more intense look. Tip comb will structure the lashes to highlight. Very resistant, color is throughout the day. In a single gesture, eyebrows are smooth, the look is more elegant and natural both!

directions for use:

Comb the eyebrows with the comb, then redraw the line with the colorful mine, and finally by the application of fixing mine: 1 pencil


Without parabens, without phenoxyethanol eye tested on subjects in the eyes sensitive and/or carriers of lenses.

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