Innoxa pencil eye Kajal grey 1.2 g

Innoxa eye Kajal gray pencil 1.2 g is a pencil for eyes allowing you to highlight and enhance your look instantly.

Manufacturer: Innoxa

SKU: 9021413

Innoxa eye Kajal 1.2 gray pencil g


Innoxa eye 1.2 g Kajal pencil is a pencil for eyes that will allow you to highlight and enhance your look instantly.This soft and comfortable texture pencil, redefined your look in a single gesture on your lower eyelid. It leaves no traces, or no residue, its definition is ideal for your beauty layouts.These different available colours perfectly agree according to the seasons.Tested under dermatological control.

Using advice:

Apply the pencil on the lower eyelid, flush with the eyelash.


Sensitive eye makeup.