Innovatouch snake Roll venom Peptides'On concealer 15ml

roll-on concealer and wrinkles snake venom peptides.
Manufacturer: Innovatouch


SKU 9985500 Innovatouch snake Roll venom Peptides'On concealer 15ml


Innovatouch roll-on at base of snake venom peptides, caffeine and retinol.

Snake venom peptides allows an effect quickly and efficiently to combat skin sagging and wrinkles of expression.

Caffeine decongests rings and the vitamins of the Group B and E soothe.

Thus, a massage effect of cold, this roll - it deflates pockets and wrinkles.

It also contains oils of olive and rose hip regenerative properties and zinc oxide to conceal dark circles.

Tips for using snake Roll venom Peptides are:

Apply the roll - it directly on the pockets and rings in light circular massage to get the cold effect until total absorption.

Apply on clean and dry skin.


Allergen-free fragrance.

Formula paraben.

Keep out of reach of children.

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