Innovatouch Gel Serum face 50ml snail slime


SKU 6419786 Innovatouch Gel Serum face 50 ml snail slime


Gel serum face innovatouch is a pure concentrate of drool of snail in the plant of aloe extract and Silicon.

Gel serum combines 3 selective principles:

  • the snail slime helps stimulate cell renewal and prevents aging,

  • Silicon mineral extract improves the elasticity of the skin by acting on the biosnthese of elastin and collagen. It strengthens the water balance and fight against Cellular Aging,

  • aloe extract revitalizes, nourishes and moisturizes damaged skins kes.

Skin is moisturized, restored and strengthened.

Gel Serum face snail slime tips:

This serum light, fresh and delicately perfumed gel apply morning and evening to face and neck perfectly cleaned.


No paraben.

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