Innovatouch cream fluid body slime of snail 200ml

Fluid cream for the body to the snail slime to firm and moisturize the skin.

Manufacturer: Innovatouch

SKU: 6912610 Innovatouch cream fluid body 200ml snail slime


The Innovatouch laboratory has developed for you body-based fluid cream of snail slime.

This pure concentrate of the plant of aloe extract and Silicon snail slime allows to regenerate, strengthen, sanitize and moisturize the skin.

  • the snail slime stimulates cell renewal and prevents aging,

  • mineral extraction of Silicon improves the elasticity of the skin. It strengthens water balance and fight against Cellular Aging,

  • Aloe Vera extract revitalizes, nourishes and moisturizes damaged skin. It also promotes cell regeneration and strengthens the healing.

Your skin is moisturized and strengthen long term.

Tips for using Innovatouch cream snail slime fluid:

Apply the cream on the whole body and especially on the affected areas regularly.