Innovatouch cream fluid body milk with Donkeymilk 400ml

cream fluid body in donkey's milk to nourish and soothe the skin.
Manufacturer: Innovatouch
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SKU 9985492 Innovatouch cream fluid body milk with Donkeymilk 400 ml


Innovatouch offers fluid body cream. This treatment is a pure concentrate of donkey milk. It is ideal for dry, fragile and reactive skins.

Donkey's milk provides 3 actions:

  • nourishes the skin by restoring the hydrolipidic barrier to bring more comfort. The skin is softer and more hydrated sustainably,

  • soothes irritations due to the association with calendula, thereby instantly soothe the tightness and decrease the sensitivity of more fragile skin

  • protects from aggression by strengthening the antioxidant barrier thanks to zinc and vitamins.

Your skin is soft and fresh.

Innovatouch cream fluid body operating tips:

This sweet and sensory cream apply generously on clean skin and dry, at the exit of the bath or the shower.


External use.

Avoid contact with eyes.

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