Inava Dento-wire fluorine

Dental floss waxed and Minty for cleaning the interdental spaces
Manufacturer: Pierre Fabre Oral Care


SKU 4403628 inava Dento-wire fluorine

product benefits
promotes the removal of dental plaque, protects against cavities in the interdental spaces and freshens breath.

detailed card
Minty waxed dental floss Dentofil fluorine is imbued with fluor to provide protection against caries. Slim, this is a very resistant tape thread. Flavored with Mint, it helps freshen breath.

Council of use
cut approx 45 cm. Wrap it between two fingers. Insert the wire between two teeth and perform a movement of back and forth between the teeth (from the gums to the teeth).

waxed dental floss impregnated with fluorine and flavored with Mint. Length: 35 m

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