Inava brush head Trio mixed Compact spaces wide


SKU: 4512369 inava brush head Trio mixed Compact spaces wide

practical and appropriate

Interdental TRIO COMPACT 4 brushes are very practical and can be carried everywhere thanks to the compact design handle that can contain also 2 refills additional. Flexible and resistant

Thanks to an innovative system, the ultra fine rod (diameters from 0.38 to 0.6 mm) combines flexibility and resistance, to reach areas difficult. ergonomic and hygienic

Handle equipped with an anti-slip surface offering an excellent grip, developed to store and protect 3 brushes after use. operating tips

Choose the size of brush suitable for space to clean. moisten the brush in water or mouthwash antiseptic. engage the brush without forcing the passage. perform a movement of back and forth on both sides dental space. after every use, thoroughly clean the brush head under running water with the brush teeth. Inava , a range of dento-prevention and toothbrushes recommended by your dentist or hygienist.