Inava and toothbrush 6.5/100 operating Post

toothbrush Post procedure, Inava, extra thin and flexible strands.

Manufacturer: Inava

SKU: 9954132 Inava and toothbrush 6.5/100 operating Post


Laboratories Pierre Fabre offers a toothbrush specially adapted after surgery. Inava Brushroll to teeth Post operative 6.5/100 is equipped with very fine bristles for gentle cleaning.

Its ultra-flexible strands allow a light massage of the gums adapted after surgery.

Resealable bag on the head of the toothbrush for optimal hygiene.

Its handle is flexible to adapt to the morphology of each.

Inava brush teeth 6.5/100 Post procedure operating tips:

Consult your dentist or vote pharmacist in the event of doubt as to the choice of your brush teeth. Regular brushing is required, however in the case of Surgery follow the requirements of your doctor.