Ilast HydraClean Gel cleaner 50ml

gel cleanser to gently clean the dry eyelids, irritated or weakened.

Manufacturer: Horus Pharma

SKU: 9607755

Ilast HydraClean Gel cleaner 50ml


Ilast HydraClean is a gel cleanser to gently clean eyelids pathological, i.e. dry, irritated or weakened.

Indeed, this gel cleanser allows the removal of dander, seborrhoeic deposits, secretions and scabs, present on the eyelids and in the roots of eyelashes.

The association of hyaluronate sodium and allantoin participates to the maintains hydration and promotes the healing of the skin.

Tips for using Ilast HydraClean Gel cleanser:

Apply the gel cleanser on a cotton. Keep the eye closed and apply the cotton gently on the lid and the base of the eyelashes.

Gently massage the eye by light circular movements.


Product without preservatives, paraben free, without fragrance, alcohol and lanolin.