Ialuset Compresses to hyaluronic acid box of 10

SKU: 7631212 Ialuset Compresses to hyaluronic acid box of 10

product overview:

impregnated Compress (10 x 10 cm) Medical Device of class III -


Cicatrisant in the treatment of wounds infected, oozing or surinfectees, acute or chronic, including leg ulcers.


Track topical. An application per day, the dressing is renewed every day. The duration of the treatment will be modulated according to the evolution of the healing of the wound.


Compresses : Clean the wound with physiological serum After removing the 2 protective films, apply to the wound previously cleaned with physiological serum Cover with a gauze sterile. Maintain across by a bandage appropriate. before renewing applications, it is recommended to clean the wound with physiological serum

precautions for use:

pregnancy and nursing : animals, sodium hyaluronate has no effect on fertility and General reproductive capacity. It is nor embryotoxic, or teratogenic and it has no effect on the peri and postnatalite. In healthy and sick subjects, systemic absorption is very low after topical application. Metabolism of hyaluronic acid administered systemically is stackable to Hyaluronan endogenous. use seems therefore not contraindicated in pregnant women or nursing.

adverse effects:

skin effects: some rare cases of sensitization of type pruritus reported.


Compresses :. sodium Hyaluronate Excipients: agent of viscosity, glycerol, water.