Ialumar Spray Solution isotonic 100ml

saline spray for daily hygiene of the nose and ears.
Manufacturer: Rottapharm


SKU 2121239 Ialumar Spray Solution isotonic 100ml


Ialumar is a spray of isotonic saline water from sea and hyaluronic acid sodium salt

This solution is indicated for daily nose hygiene and ears in adults and children.

Deplus, it is easy to use and convenient because it can be used in pointing in all directions.

nose hygiene:

This spray facilitates the removal of excessive nasal secretions. It quickly relieves dryness of the mucous membranes due to the wetting of hyaluronic acid action

It is particularly suitable for rhinosinusites, rhinitis and following surgery of the nasal cavities.

hygiene of the ears:

This solution can also prevent the formation of earwax plugs in the ears. It helps maintain the own auditory meatus and prevents e filing of unwanted particles may cause hearing.

This spray is also suitable for wearers of hearing.

Ialumar operating tips:

Use several times a day as required.


To protect from the Sun's rays.

Do not expose at a temperature of 25 C above.

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