Ialumar Hyper Spray Solution hypertonic 100ml

hypertonic solution spray to relieve congestion and fluidify the nose.
Manufacturer: Rottapharm


SKU 7057233 Ialumar Hyper Spray Solution hypertonic 100ml


Ialumar Hyper is a hypertonic solution in spray water from sea and sodium salt of hyaluronic acid.

Is a decongestant and nasal thinner indicated for the adult and the child. It is especially indicated in acute colds, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis and rhinosinusitis.

Effect draining this solution facilitates the removal of excessive nasal secretions. It quickly relieves dryness of the nasal mucous membranes due to the wetting of Hyaluronan action.

Thus, this solution helps you have a good nose hygiene.

Ialumar Hyper operating tips:

Use the spray several times a day fortiori needs.


To protect from the Sun's rays and keep at a temperature below 25 C.

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