Ialugen care Erythema buttocks 50ml

Ialugen care Erythema buttocks is a soothing restorative gel against irritation from Headquarters.
Manufacturer: Genevrier


SKU 9917326 Ialugen care Erythema buttocks 50 ml


Ialugen care Erythema buttocks reduces redness and warmth of the seat baby.
Moreover, it soothes and limits skin temperature rise, while promoting the repair of the epidermis.

Your baby suffers from redness that you see when its changes. He is grouchy and his skin is very sensitive, warm and painful to the touch.

The natural protection provided by the skin is broken, it must be retabliepour its greatest comfort.

Ialugen care diaper rashes is a hydrogel specifically formulated for sensitive skin. It is intended for the treatment of pain, redness, skin lesions and small buttons, caused by layers of infant.

Day after day after application, the skin of baby found its normal appearance and softness.


Redness of baby and adult head.

operating tips

Apply light massage on a perfectly dry and clean skin.

This non-greasy gel penetrates quickly without sticky effect. Renew the application to each change. It is suitable also for the adult.


Ingredients: octanediol, glycerol, polyethylene glycol, sodium hydroxide, purified water, sodium polyacrylate polymer.

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