Hyseke Emulsion light 40ml

Hyseke Emulsion light controls the secretion of sebum and soothes the skin.
Manufacturer: Bailleul Biorga
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SKU 6544652 Hyseke Emulsion light 40ml

Hyseke is a range of treatments for skin imperfections, often mixed to oily. Care cleaning to the corrector, Hyseke promotes the elimination of buttons and black dots for clear skin.


Bailleul Biorga laboratories offer Hyseke Emulsion light. A hydrating which regulates the secretion of sebum, soothes and matifies the complexion.
Daily care of the face, for oily skin, irritated, trend acneqiue.

This soothing, hydrating action keratoregulatride and restorative, anti-irritante emulsion helps regulate the secretion of sebum, while calming skin irritations.

  • The Na Pc ensures optimal hydration.
  • Pc Zn regulates the secretion of sebum.
  • Acid 18 glycyrrhetique soothes the sensations of irritation caused by external agents. (pollution, stress)

Hyseke Emulsion light usage tips:

Apply morning and evening to skin clean with gel cleanser san SOAP of the same range.

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