Hyfac scrub Exfoliating 40mls Express

Exfoliating Scrub suitable for young and oily problem skins.

Manufacturer: Hyfac

SKU: 4615514 Hyfac scrub Exfoliating 40mls Express


the Hyfac range is specially formulated for young and oily problem skin. Thus, thanks to hygiene products adapted and responds to the expectations of the acne-prone skins.

Scrub Exfoliating Hyfac is a cream based microspheres and AHA (fruit acid). It is intended for the care of the face. It removes dead skin cells, dirt and prevents irritations.

This scrub is composed of:

  • glycerine which prevents dryness and reduces the tightness,

  • piroctone olamine antibacterial.

Its keratoregulatrice action to balance skin flora. In addition, through its physiological pH and its non-comedogenic formula, it respects the skin and not attacked.

Fat, smooth and perfumed texture leaves a pleasant feeling of comfort to the skin. the results are visible to the naked eye very quickly. The skin is cleansed, purified and smooth. She finds all its freshness.

Hyfac scrub Exfoliant operating tips:

apply one to two times per week depending on the condition of the skin. Apply a small amount of care on previously moistened skin. Then massage from the fingertips doing circular movements and focusing on the areas concerned as the nose, forehead and Chin. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.


Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with clear water.