Hyfac moisturizing fluid Emulsion and restorative 40ml

Moisturizing and restorative fluid Emulsion which removes excess sebum.

Manufacturer: Hyfac

SKU: 4529571 Hyfac Emulsion fluid moisturizing and restorative 40ml


Hyfac laboratories have developed a fluid emulsion to moisturize and repair oily and irritated.

this fluid emulsion acts on several requirements thanks to its different components:

  • Cap Na allows sustainable moisturize the skin

  • Cap Zn removes excess sebum,

  • acid 18 softens skin irritated by external agents.

Hyfac Emulsion fluid operating tips:

Hyfac Fluid emulsion can be applied every day morning and evening to clean skin and dry in addition to Hyfac care and as make-up base.