Hyfac Gel cleanser dermatological 300ml

cleansing gel dermatological for oily and problem youth skin.
Manufacturer: Hyfac


SKU: 2435824 Hyfac Gel cleanser dermatological 300ml

Oily skin are characterized by excessive secretion of sebum by the glands Sebaceous. impurities such as blackheads or the buttons appear so easily on these oily skin. It is therefore necessary for their care because they are as fragile as dry skin.


Hyfac is a brand of cosmetics designed for hygiene and care of acneic skins, particularly suited to the skins of adolescents and young adults. This range of product facilitates the care of oily.

Thus, the gel cleanser dermatological Hyfac cold cream cleanses the skin in depth while respecting the fragile epidermis of fat or young skins. Indeed, without SOAP and not comedongene, he did not assault the skin and preserves its hydrolipidic film. Irritations are reduced until their extinction.

Its formula enables a very effective action. It contains:

  • of the glycine which reduces irritation,

  • of the antibacterial, piroctone olamine

  • Glycerin avoiding cutaneous drying.

Results are visible day after day. Impurities are eliminated and excess sebum is pushed.

, Its creamy texture leaves on the skin a maximum feeling of comfort and a delicate feeling of freshness.

Tips for using Hyfac gel cleanser skin:

Use the gel cleanser dermatological Hyfac daily morning and evening on the face or the body to affected areas. Then rinse abundantly.