Hydralin silky 200ml


SKU: 4784889 Hydralin silky 200 ml

Drought intimate: 1 woman on 5 is concerned!

the privacy of women is fragile. Vulvo-vaginal secretions are a hydrolipidic film that provides protection and a natural hydration. At certain periods of a woman's life, this hydrolipidic film can be affected by several factors, thus creating a real intimate discomfort:

  • hormonal disorders: menopause, hormonal contraception, pregnancy
  • stress, inadequate hygiene, clothing too tight
  • medications: antidepressants, anti-acne
  • wearing tight clothes, port from beneath clothing and irritating panty

a veil silky to regain a sense of well-being.


Hydralin silky, intimate hygiene care daily, is used as a SOAP and has a physiological pH (pH = 5.2) respecting the balance of intimate flora. Specifically formulated to leave a silky veil (similar to the skin's hydrolipidic film), he brings an intense and prolonged hydration to regain all the natural and the flexibility of its intimacy. From the first days of use, Hydralin silky Cleans gently, moisturizes and protects sensations of intimate drought.

93% of women have a hydration sensation after the use of Hydralin Soyeux.79% women have the sensation that the perceived effect is prolonged in time.


With a rich and creamy texture, subtle and discreet, perfume Hydralin silky has natural moisturizing properties recognized and proven ingredients: Camellia, for its sustainable hydration properties; Ceraphyl RMT : for hydration extended leaving a silky veil even after flushing (3); MiraCare : for its moisturizing activity demonstrated in 24 hours (3); A galenic innovative to find the natural and the flexibility of its intimacy; Texture rich and creamy; Scent subtle and discreet; Paraben.