Hydralin Flora box 10 vaginal capsules

To maintain the balance of the vaginal flora and prevent fungal infections to repetition
Manufacturer: Hydralin
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SKU: 5423751 Hydralin Flora box 10 vaginal capsules

The vaginal flora is fragile and mycoses are frequent in the intimate zone of women. They are caused, in most cases, by a fungus called Candida albicans that is found naturally in vaginal flora there are several reasons for the imbalance in the vaginal flora: a hormonal change (rules, pregnancy, menopause), a poorly adapted personal hygiene, a situation of stress... But sometimes the reason is not found. good hygiene is therefore essential to get rid of pathogenic fungi which can cause burns, irritation or itching. The best solution is to use a local antifungal drug against infection, then restore the vaginal flora that has been weakened. the use of Hydralin Flora is designed to restore the vaginal flora with probiotics that prevent pathogenic micro-organisms from attaching to the vaginal wall.

How to use Hydralin Flora?

dosage two-step is indicated :-first, a treatment to restore the flora with one capsule a day for 6 days. -Then, a treatment to prevent recurrences with one capsule per week, for 4 weeks. do not hesitate to seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist. Sanareva