Hydralin Apaisa Protection daily batch of 2 x 400ml

care of hygiene for daily protection while your equilibrium intimate.

Manufacturer: Hydralin



SKU: 2571764 Hydralin Apaisa Protection daily Lot 2 x 400 ml

Properties :

intimate flora is a medium that contains naturally good bacteria. Subjected constantly to disturbances that can throw off the balance. Therefore, it is important to use a care of hygiene on a daily basis to avoid possible inconvenience.

Hydralin Apaisa respects the natural balance of the vaginal flora and so can be used on a daily basis. It actively protects vegetation against irritations and soothes any discomfort.

its formula provides:

  • lactic acid in order to strengthen the natural, protective barrier

  • extracts from lotus to calming and soothing, properties

  • provitamin B5 which soothes minor irritations that may arise due to inadequate sanitation (too aggressive soaps or profuse hygiene), or too tight clothes ,

  • a pH of 5.2 in order to meet the physiological pH of your zone intimate and allows daily use.

, care of hygiene intimate daily, Hydralin Apaisas' use as a detergent when hygiene. From the first days of use, it protects you daily. Its application must be followed by a thorough rinse with water.

Hydralin Apaisa operating tips:

A use as a detergent in hygiene. Rinse thoroughly with water after application.


Paraben-free, SOAP-free, no colouring, preservatives and hypoallergenic.