Hyalugel Ado Gel oral 20ml

Gel oral Hyalugel without alcohol for teenagers and holders of orthodontic appliances.

Manufacturer: Hyalugel

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SKU: 2069846 Hyalugel Ado oral Gel


Hyalugel Ado is particularly suitable for holders of orthodontic appliances, it is formulated without alcohol, does not sting and apply directly on the lesion (canker sore, little wound, inflammation). Its chewing gum taste is especially appreciated by most young people.

Gel oral Hyalugel Ado tips:

own finger 3 to 5 times per day apply a thin layer over the gums, gently massage. After the main meals and after brushing the teeth.


hyaluronic acid, water, xylitol, sodium CMC, alcohol, castor oil hydrogenated PEG 40, glyceryl laurate, flavor bubble gum, polycarbophule, acid lactic, sodium saccharin, hydroxide of Na, EDTA disodium.