Hormeta HormePure Gentle Skin-Freshener Tonic with Orange Blossom 200ml


SKU 0213510


Gentle skin-freshener tonic with orange blossom is the refreshing final step of cleansing the skin, and it prepares the skin to receive care products. An essential step after cleanser to reactivate the natural function of the epidermis. All ages. All skin types, even the most sensitive.

How to use:

Apply morning and evening with a cotton pad to the face, neck and neckline to perfect the cleansing action of HormePure Cleansing Beauty Milk.


Organic extracts of cornflower, witch hazel and Gingko biloba extract that are softening and soothing, orange blossom water softens dry skin, tones and feels refreshing, combined with Hormeta's specific trace elements complex. Formulated without parabens.


Bottle 200ml