Hormeta - Sublimate - cream control to the Tea Tree Oil 30ml

Cream control in Tea Tree Oil, combination to oily skin. All ages.
Manufacturer: Hormeta
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SKU 02131407


Control cream to the Tea Tree Oil eliminates excess sebum, rebalances and matifies the skin in an instant. The day care 'effect blotting' instant matte skin.

Tips to use:

Apply after a thorough cleaning of the face, neck and dcollet.


Complex of Hormeta trace elements: maintaining a good skin nutrient balance, Essence of tea (Tea Tree Oil) tree: sanitizer and mattifying, plant complex purifying: properties astringent and sebo-regulating, lipids, ceramides, and moisturizing agents: reinforcement of the hydrolipidic barrier, Lactokine Fluid: soothing and protective, extract of bio Fireweed: anti-inflammatory and microbial.


A. 30 ml