Hormeta - L'horme Time - Serum fundamental N8 30ml

Serum Fontamental n 8 fabulous concentrate ingredients to target the marks of time.
Manufacturer: Hormeta


SKU 0213680


Serum basic n 8 promotes the repair and the smoothness of the lines of the face. Moisturizes and prevents the adverse effects of the weather. The perfect complement to anti-aging for absolute comfort program.

Tips to use:

Apply a few drops locally on the wrinkles of expression or on the entire face and neck, morning and/or evening.


Complex of Hormeta trace elements: maintaining a good skin nutrient balance, Repair Complex: antioxidant action and anti-slackening, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid: effect of hydration, carob extract and hydrolyzed casein booster: immediate tensor effect, Royal Jelly extract: vitality.


FL. 30 ml