Hormeta - L'horme Time - basic mask to the Ceramides 50 ml

Mask fundamental to the indispensable complement of anti-wrinkle creams ceramides.
Manufacturer: Hormeta


SKU 0213340


Mask fundamental to ceramides active tissue renewal and restores the hydrolipidic film. A cream mask rich and enveloping. A fresh and shiny result.

Tips to use:

Apply in a thick layer. Let sit for 20 minutes then remove. Use this mask 1 to 2 times per week.


Complex of Hormeta trace elements: maintaining a good skin nutrient balance, Lactomide (complex of phospholipids and ceramides): reinforcement of the cutaneous barrier and moisturizing milk protein extract: tensor effect, white clay: scaling action and mattifying, safflower oils, seeds of wheat and maize: nourishing properties.


50 ml jar