Hormeta - L'horme Time - absolute MPC 50 ml cream


SKU 0213040


Absolute to the MPC cream restores tissue structure in reinvigorating the elastic network of the skin. Mitigate the reliefs and blend the dull shadows of the face. A matte finish powder, a gentle care like a caress. Fomula paraben. Excellent base for make-up.

Using advice:

Apply every morning on face and neck. For enhanced action, use in addition the ingenious cream collagen Tri-Logic. Formulated without paraben, a matte finish and powder for a fresh and natural complexion without shiny effect.


Complex of Hormeta trace elements: maintaining a good nutritional balance skin, MPC (Milk Peptide Complex): strengthening of the skin matrix, galangal and Dill leaf extracts: restructuring and volumizers, Hyalustim: stimulates the production of Hyaluronan and elastin, Orgasol caress: brings dullness and softness.


Pot 50 ml