Hormeta - L'horme Moist - fluid Hydro Mineral 30ml

Fluid Hydro Mineral normal to dry, dehydrated skin. Ideal for young skin.
Manufacturer: Hormeta


SKU 0214220


Fluid Hydro Mineral maintains and strengthens the skin's natural moisture, soothes the epidermis and finds freshness and vitality. The lightness of a care thirst-quenching for skin soft and velvety.

Tips to use:

One to two applications per day, on the face, neck and dcollet. The ultra-light texture allows for immediate absorption. Non-greasy, it lets the skin breathe.


Complex of Hormeta trace elements: maintaining a good skin nutrient balance, sugars and higher amino acids: promote the natural hydration of tissues, jojoba and soybean oils: preserve the quality of the epidermal tissue, lipids and ceramides: strengthening the skin structure, organic edelweiss extract: skin protection, centella asiatica extract: dermal water building.


A. 30 ml