Hormeta - ARL Stress Capture - Serum essence 15ml

Gasoline ARL Stress Capture fight against oxidation of tissues due to oxygen free radicals attack.
Manufacturer: Hormeta


SKU 0215790


Gasoline ARL Stress Capture provides a defense against oxidation of tissues and secondary radical aggressions to preserve youth and beauty of the skin. A prodigious concentrated technology for enhanced protective action.

Tips to use:

Use the evening 4 to 10 drops by pressure on the bottom of the bottle. For young skin: apply daily to maintain aging tissues. For more mature skin: apply treatment to support the natural activity of the epidermis and strengthen its means of defenses.


Complex of Hormeta trace elements: maintaining a good skin nutrient balance, factor ARL Hormeta: antioxidant prevention and anti-aging, Lipochroman: anti-free radical action, cell protection, Peptides and hydrosols of silk and wheat proteins: action detoxifying, skin regeneration, derivative of rutin: tissue resistance and uniformity of the complexion.


FL.15 ml