Hormeta - ARL Stress Capture - essential 30ml cream

Cream ARL Stress Capture fight against harmful factors of environment.
Manufacturer: Hormeta


SKU 0213290


ARL Stress Capture cream protects the skin against the harmful environment, prevents skin aging and preserved l ' natural radiance of the complexion. A light for effective cream against free radicals.

Tips to use:

Use morning and/or evening. For protection strengthened and more comfort, apply under the cream 2 to 5 drops of Serum ARL Stress Capture.


Complex of Hormeta trace elements: maintaining a good skin nutrient balance, factor ARL Hormeta: antioxidant prevention and anti-aging, derived hespiridine and rutin: resistance of fabrics and radiance of the complexion, Bisabolol: soothing, Shea butter: hydration.


A. 30 ml