Hirucrem Protect care legs Lourdes 100ml

Hirucrem Protect is the care that relieves and protects the sensation of heavy legs.

Manufacturer: Bayer Santé Familiale

SKU: 5384287 Hirucrem Protect care legs Lourdes 100 ml


Hirucrem Protect is the complete care against the sensation of jambes. lourdes It brings relief and protection to daily. It offers average solar protection to the assets of natural origin.

Hirucrem Protect complete legs Lourdes 100 ml care helps to relieve and protect heavy legs.

It relieves grace:

  • extract of escin which soothes the sensation of heavy legs
  • menthol which gives an immediate sensation of freshness that lasts and a pleasant feeling of lightness.

Defends daily grace:

  • extract of escin helping to relieve congestion in the legs swollen to mitigate the appearance of small veins on the surface,
  • to centella asiatica, which protects the lining of the small superficial, veins
  • with extracts of ginkgo biloba that promote circulation in small superficial, veins
  • to the sunscreens that protect from the Sun and limit the temperature rise of the legs.

Hirucrem Protect operating tips:

Apply a DAB of cream by circular massage from the bottom to the top of the leg.