Hexamer infants Spray isotonic Lot of 2 x 100ml


SKU 2655610 Hexamer Nourrissons Isotonique Lot De 2 X100 Ml


HEXAMER is a spray of sea water. This water is taken in Brittany, in a preserved from all pollution site. The daily use of HEXAMER infant helps to fight against external aggressions by gently removing dust. Hygiene and washing of infant nasal micro-diffusion lava nose smoothly on a daily basis helps to fight against external aggressions.

directions for use:

1 to 3 sprays per day in each nostril 2-3 times per day if cold and or rhinitis, renew spraying as often as necessary to properly clear the nose and eliminate mucus.


Seawater 31,82 ml, purified water qsp, preservative-free solution.


2 bottles of 100ml.

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