HerpApaisyl balm sore 2g

Natural assets to effectively treat the Herpes or fever button
Manufacturer: Apaisyl


SKU: 6264728 HerpApaisyl balm fever 2 g button

for the rapid treatment of outbreaks of herpes Labialis (cold sore). assets of natural origin. applied at the 1st symptoms, Herpapaisyl helps to significantly reduce the duration of the boost: the sensation of pain due to the appearance of cracks on the injury have subsided, the healing is accelerated.

Tips: apply button fever 5 times per day directly with your finger. Focus on the application after the meal. Wash hands before and after the application. adults and children from 6 years old.

Composition: petroleum, paraffin liquid, extract purified propolis 3%, ethanol, lanolin.

Tube 2g.