Herbesan Propolis + jelly Royale 30 tablets


SKU 9743429 Herbesan Propolis + jelly Royale 30 pills

Description: the Propolis is a substance harvested by bees to coat the walls of the hive and thus constitute a natural barrier against external aggressions. For internal use, Propolis is known to strengthen the body's defenses. Each tablet delivers an average 180mg of Propolis. Ingredients : bulking Agent: sorbitol, firming: calcium phosphate, fructose, jelly Royal lyophilized, dry extract of acerola (vitamin C, support: maltodextrin), orange aroma, honey freeze-dried, dry extract of propolis (support: maltodextrin) Acidifier: citric acid, dry extract pampleumousse seed (Bioflavonoids, support: maltodextrin), extract pollen dry (support: maltodextrin), anti-caking agent : magnesium stearate, sweetener: sucralose. governing use: 1 tablet daily to chew or dissolve.