Herbesan Propolis + 20 + 10 available bulbs Royal Jelly

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Helps strengthen the body's defenses.

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SKU: 9716473 Herbesan Propolis + 20 + 10 available bulbs Royal Jelly

Overview : The Propolis is a substance harvested by bees to coat the walls of the hive and thus constitute a natural barrier against external aggressions. For internal use, Propolis is involved in strengthening the body's defenses. Each bulb provides 200mg of extract of Propolis. The Royal Jelly is the exclusive food of the Queen Bee, who lives 40 times longer than a working bee. Real complex strengthening the Royal Jelly is ideal during the winter or for any change of season. Each bulb provides 500mg of royal jelly. Each bulb brings Vitamin C 80mg or 100% of the RDA. The Acerola is a native fruit of South America, called "Cherry of the Antilles". Justeuse and tart flesh is a source of vitamin C: it contains 50 times more than the orange. Each bulb provides 400mg of Acerola. The Pollen is the main source of nutrient of foraging bees, it allows the production of honey. Each bulb provides 100mg Pollen. Grapefruit seed extract is rich in bioflavonaides, which help strengthen the body's defenses. Each bulb provides 10mg of bioflavonoid. operating tips : 1 Ampoule per day. Shake before use. 30 day program renewable multiple times in the year.



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L. Hyunmi
  the 10/12/2016
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Nice as usual.